Short Story: Opus Maledictus

Here’s a piece which I purposefully designed. It turned out a bit long, given that I wanted it to unfold with intent. I’ve made numerous, no doubt erroneous assumptions within it, but so what? It’s fiction.

You can read it in a new tab here.



One side note: the name of the main character was selected explicitly due to the historical reference.

Samael, as a boys’ name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Samael is “venom of God”. In the Talmud, an archangel of death and destruction known as the accuser, seducer and destroyer. He is the equivalent of the biblical serpent who tempted Eve in Eden. He is also known as the Prince of Darkness and chief of the Dragons of Evil.

5 thoughts on “Short Story: Opus Maledictus

  1. Loved it dave! ~Does the rest of the story get posted as episodes? What I found ended with Harmons whisper, but nor what she said I  thatvwhisper.lov

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    1. Thanks again for reading Suzanne. I know you’re crazy busy. You spending nearly 10min reading this is a welcome gift.
      I guess I was thinking she’d interrupt his effort to cast his own curse, before the last measure.
      Another reader thought maybe the ending fizzled a bit.
      Here’s a question for ya: I tend to treat these one-offs as stone blocks in a castle, chiseled, placed, adjusted a bit and now set for all eternity. What’s your opinion on raising past work from the dead to edit and correct it?
      Willie Wonka: “Ah well, I’ll get it right in the end,” to me meaning “next time.”

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