12 thoughts on “Beyond the Far Horizon: a WIP

  1. Glad the skinny fuck can do something. Writing. Scribing. Pushing the lightweight pen looking for heavyweight words with dense meaning. Appropriate I say, appropriate. In any other day ‘n age they would have thrown ’em overboard, they would. Shark bait. Chum.

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    1. So, what’s up with the nanobots and Akira and Lassiter n’ such. I pretty much quit my SepSceneWriMo over on anonymole.com I got, I don’t know, jammed up with the effort, the failure to actually use it as a tool — just a publicity stunt. Bah.
      There’s recent multi-episode story over there “Apocalypse with pictures”, that PH calls “meh Boy’s Life” but without heart.
      If you have Netflix I recommend Wednesday.

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      1. Cool. You’d be 3. Keep it on the down low. I’m not looking for crowd approval or crowd motivation. Blogging USED to be fun for me and I’m looking for that feeling to return.

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