DarkWinterLit: A Grandmother’s Love

Thanks again to Suzanne (EducationalMentorship.com) for considering another of my stories for inclusion in her blossoming online literary magazine www.DarkWinterLit.com.

“I don’t do that anymore. Please stop asking.” Morna set down her cup and stared at her daughter in-law. Women in the township had come to know that stare, one tempted fate to counter such a stare.

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DarkWinterLit: Trinket Troll

Thanks to Suzanne (EducationalMentorship.com) for considering my story for inclusion in her burgeoning online literary magazine www.DarkWinterLit.com.

Squiccus hums in low, rhythmic tones and the chipmunk’s breathing slows. With gnarled hands, he pets the disheveled fur down the nape of the creature’s neck; its capture had been—difficult.

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Short Story: Opus Maledictus

Here’s a piece which I purposefully designed. It turned out a bit long, given that I wanted it to unfold with intent. I’ve made numerous, no doubt erroneous assumptions within it, but so what? It’s fiction.

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One side note: the name of the main character was selected explicitly due to the historical reference.

Samael, as a boys’ name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Samael is “venom of God”. In the Talmud, an archangel of death and destruction known as the accuser, seducer and destroyer. He is the equivalent of the biblical serpent who tempted Eve in Eden. He is also known as the Prince of Darkness and chief of the Dragons of Evil.

WeeFee – a placeholder for The Content Economy

This is just a place to put this document (now 4 years old).

Direct link, here.

Why WeeFee?

There is no easy way to pay digital content creators directly. Current means to award cash distributions directly to a writer, blogger or videographers requires either locked-in membership / subscription (Youtube, Medium), a Patreon account or a PayPal account. And “mini/micro” payments are not possible (less than $1).

Yet, there are billions of content providers who produce quality, imbursement worthy content. These creators are locked out of the Content Economy.

What is WeeFee?

WeeFee allows consumers of content to post small increments of payment to the managed accounts of content creators. Providers of content host WeeFee API script logic which allows consumers of content to send cash increments through the WeeFee platform.

Both consumers and providers of content are required to be registered as WeeFee account holders.

  • Did you like that article? Click the WeeFee button for the article.
  • Did you write a comment that folks enjoyed? People could click the WeeFee button for your comment.
  • Did you write a quality review of a movie, book or restaurant? Folks could pay you for your thoughtful commentary.
  • Did you like that OpEd? Pay the writer directly by clicking the WeeFee button.

The money model:

  • WeeFee.me can be modeled as a bank.
  • WeeFee accepts deposits into accounts.
  • WeeFee charges a fee to transfer funds from account to account.
  • WeeFee charges a fee to withdraw funds from accounts.
  • WeeFee provides an API to allow branches (content providers) to enact transactions.