6 thoughts on “Jetsam bangs a curious drum

    1. More for this? Don’t know that it deserves it. Maybe some character treatments.
      What disheartens me is that, as a general phenomena, while writing and once written I find my results solid. Then later, after re-reading, I realize my delusion, that progress has stalled and I’m just not getting better.
      I consider the game of chess and how one must eventually admit that no amount of play or study will enhance one’s ultimate mastery. If you’ve risen to a 1600 level and it’s become your personal ceiling, then that’s pretty much it. Your skill and intellect are tapped. I suspect the same applies to writing and no doubt many other disciplines. There are limits, we all have them. How does one know when one has hit one?

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      1. Rarely do I dispense writing advice, but I’ll make a brief exception here. Why do you write? Do you expect to find your name on the NYT bestseller list some day? Find your books prominently displayed in the windows of Barnes and Noble? Let’s face it, Mole, very few of us have such lofty expectations nor would we want them. Personally, I write for the same reason I take hikes and go to concerts and play with my dog — I find it enjoyable and occasionally therapeutic. If others like it, too, great! If not, who cares? I sense that you enjoy yourself writing these atmospheric and character-driven scenes and that’s precisely why I enjoy them. Loosen up, get off your own back and write what’s fun for you to write.

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      2. I tell myself that I write to hone the process. To eventually write well, so that someday I can read what I wrote and reflect favorably upon it. Maybe even admire it. That’s what I tell myself.
        Being a realist, however, I’m wondering if that’s poor ideal. Reality being immutable, I’m quite certain there are insurmountable thresholds, my ideals too lofty. Given their existence, perhaps it might be better to find a more forgiving reason to write. For the fun of it, as you say.

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  1. If you won’t finish it for any other reason, at least finish for me–I love it and need to know what happens. Why are they running away? What did they steal? Why can’t people leave the island? Come on, consider it my Christmas present!

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