5 thoughts on “Not Magic

  1. Ah, magic and fairy dust. How fantastic. Great choice of names, too, which did not go unnoticed: jinn
    (in Arabian and Muslim mythology) an intelligent spirit of lower rank than the angels, able to appear in human and animal forms and to possess humans. Compare with genie.

    And then there’s Mage…Magi…
    Magi (/ˈmeɪdʒaɪ/; singular magus /ˈmeɪɡəs/; from Latin magus) were priests in Zoroastrianism and the earlier religions of the western Iranians. The earliest known use of the word magi is in the trilingual inscription written by Darius the Great, known as the Behistun Inscription. Old Persian texts, predating the Hellenistic period, refer to a magus as a Zurvanic, and presumably Zoroastrian, priest.

    Give us a follow up on your publishing attempts. Good luck, tightly written, super effort.

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    1. Thanks GF. Nothing yet on the publishing effort. As soon as this one is corrected (my 80 year old mother) I’ll submit it. I may have to hire her to push my work into other online venues (there are hundreds of them…)

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    1. I have to really focus on word choice and segment assembly with this format. Density amp’d to the max. Normally I ramble so, easily taking twice the room. I doubt I’ve written a publishable piece yet. But, the process is sinking in; maybe next time.

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