The Gribble’s Eye: a serial 1.9

“The moonlight calls. Shall we read the runes?” Lady Ara asked in a lightened mood. With the story told and the vows made, the spider once again lifted the heavy looking-glass from her satchel. She held it to Sadie who took it and weighed it appraisingly.

Sadie stood, extracted the blue marble from its box and held it up to the moonlight as she’d done before. Through the lens she inspected the deep blue of the Eye, turning it, searching for the strange marking she’d previously witnessed.

Allie stood by her side. Harry stretched up and, surprised at missing the intruder, noticed the nearly naked tiny Gribble, who’d thus far not spoken a word. The dog’s brief growl, alerted Allie to tug his leash, quieting him.

“I’m having a hard time just now,” Sadie told them, tilting the Eye back and forth.

“I’m not up on all this Gribble Eyes and runes stuff,” Allie said. “But I know that a bit of moisture can clarify clouded glass. Why don’t you lick it,” she offered, and felt a light punch to her arm.

“Ew! Touch the Eye with my tongue?” Sadie complained, playfully nudging Allie with her shoulder. Their common vows instantly bonding them in sister-like familiarity.

“Not just lick it, dear,” added the spider. “Give it a good long suck. That should invigorate it completely.”


“Come on, Sadie, I’m curious now. We have a tiny blind man in a diaper, a huge spider we’ve just had tea with — after midnight, with a bright full moon and a marble with so called writing inside it. We’ve both vowed to who knows what kind of task. Give it a taste.”

Sadie grimaced, but slipped the orb into her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue. “Eww, tastes like licorice.”

“Anise most likely. The Gribble was a fan of Ouzo in his day,” said Lady Ara.

“And the liquor saturated his eyes?” Allie asked, her eyebrows mingling.

The Gribble had been silent until then but suddenly voiced: “We are all but blood, breath and magic. What flavor would you impart to your eyes were we to taste them?” His words squeaked while resounding about the clearing.

Allie gave a nervous laugh and held the dog’s leash in apparent comfort.


Sadie extracted the glistening Eye from her lips and held it up to the light of the moon.

“I see them! But, can I read them?” She twirled the cerulean sphere and paused. Her voice deepened and the tone she took emulated her mother’s of that afternoon. Allie, realizing the girl’s words were Greek, interpreted as Sadie spoke:

“Gia na sfragísei tis pýles.” To seal the gates.”

“Tou Cháous ton fylakón.” Of the prison Chaos .”

Goitéfsei ton anazitití.”  “Enchant the seeker.”

“Vreíte tous adelfoús mou.” “Find my brothers.”

“Epistrépste mou.” “Return me.”

Sadie lowered her hands and coughed from having roughened her throat. “Is this what you expected Lady Ara? Is this it? ‘Enchant the seeker, find my brothers, return me?’” Holding out the Eye in her palm she continued, “You said tonight I am to begin my journey. And these are your only clues?” She shook her head and bent to give the marble to the Gribble who reached up to accept it.

“Not just yet!” the spider interrupted. She laid a gentle glove on the Gribble’s arm to lower it. “Do not assume so much Sathena, namesake bearer of my nemesis.” The spider raised her foreleg and pointed it toward the stars. “Point your glass to the side and try again. We have the enchantment rune you have yet to find. And there may be others.”

Sadie did as she was bid. She relocated the first runes and then rotated just to the left. The light of the moon hit the Eye at a canted angle and deep within she saw the ensorceled words:

“Se ósous anazitoún,
i dýnami na aisthanthoún
tous adelfoús mou eínai
tóra dikí sas. 

“To those that seek, the power to sense my brothers is now yours.”

Allie said, “I don’t know what I-I-I means.”

The Gribble spoke again in his comical way, “Repeat three times.”

“Ah.” Allie and Sadie both breathed.

Harry’s loud woof shocked the four out of their brief reverie brought on by Sadie’s chanting of the ancient words.

“Katára!” the spider cursed, her fangs ground together in growing agitation. “The forces of Chaos feel your words. Now we must be quick.” She requested and retrieved the glass and stowed it. “Sadie, recall the words you have spoken tonight, they are power. Each phrase can be wielded as a weapon. Or as a defense.

“The runes are clear. You must seek the Eyes. However you must, seek the Eyes.”

The Gribble’s Eye: a serial 1.10


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