The Gribble’s Eye: Cover assembly

The cover is taking shape.


With the chiseled stone “Eye” that I tapped into the patio in the back, we’ve begun our trek that leads through the forest to the glade where there blooms a sun drenched pool of possibility.

The “Eye,” as Widowcranky has insisted, must be a real physical object, else the treatment will appear cheapened. I wholeheartedly agree.

Ergo, I’ve begun, and hopefully have found, a source for the “Eye.”

Megan has told me she can create an “Eye” of the right color, size and intensity that will lend the cover image that “Whoa, this is real,” impression to readers.

So, I’m discussing the manufacture of such an Eye with an eye toward, perhaps, creating a channel to have Gribble’s Eyes available for sale to readers. Wouldn’t that be fun? For the 1.3 of you who have read the story (I have an epub or mobi for you if you’d like to try it out…) I think having an “Eye” glued to the cover of your copy might be an incentive for others to read the story.

Gimmicks never work — until they do.


8 thoughts on “The Gribble’s Eye: Cover assembly

  1. Cheapened treatment of what? Content? The cover? A good cgi artist will do you a glass eye better than anyone can photograph the real deal. Your money. But jeez. All that time on cover detail and gimmicks, you pop a couple grand on an editor, too?

    The patio texture is excellent. Sorta like dc + ge = love on the sidewalk, or that Alzheimer’s commercial where the wife digs up the tree with their initials on it and brings it home and the husband who doesn’t know who she is freaks out with a chainsaw…no…that was something different. The texture is good. So is the eye. How’s the book?

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    1. Sure am glad I’m not beholden to you for this thing…

      The cover is something I like to do knowing that I won’t find a publisher. And I’m still waiting on the final 20 illustrations. The whole thing has been an experiment — create a YA illustrated novel to see if something like this appeals to YA who generally would rather thumb their content than read it.

      The book? I’m sure it still needs work. 3rd edit so far. The opening, which I think you read, has been revamped about 10 times. But could prolly do with another 10.

      The plot is interesting and well, weird. Not something I’m gonna send you, though.

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      1. Screw publishers. I was genuinely curious as to what cheapened what. YA who knows. We read Kipling and London and Twain and lots of crap. A lot of kids can’t read the contents on a cheeseburger and will cheat their way through the Cliffs Notes. If the story holds water it’s good enough to find out. One of these days, hoping you are successful, these will stop being your children and trophies to your escapism and you’ll stop wearing your feelings on your sleeve.

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      2. No doubt an expert photoshopper could add the Eye seamlessly. As the stone is real, maybe a real eye will just work. If not, well, back to photoshop.

        The future looks grim. And as such my internet sleeve provides a convenient outlet for my angst. You would probably tell me to convert that angst into a conflicted character and let it out through writing — and you’d be right.


  2. I only ask that because I just read how a hard boiled detective drank bad coffee “manfully”, so, you know, even if it isn’t London or Kipling, it might be better than a checkstand detective novel!

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